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Expert UPS Maintenance Packages at UPSBuyer

Expert UPS Maintenance

Harness Uninterrupted Power with UPSBuyer's Maintenance Packages


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Welcome to UPSBuyer, where we specialise in providing top-notch UPS maintenance services to keep your business running smoothly. Our maintenance packages are tailored to ensure your UPS systems function optimally, guaranteeing peace of mind and an uninterrupted power supply.


The Importance of UPS Maintenance

Consistent maintenance of your UPS system is crucial for a reliable power supply, preventing downtime, and preserving the life of your equipment. Our team of experts offers comprehensive maintenance services, focusing on system efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry standards.


Tailored Maintenance Services

Our suite of services includes detailed system health checks, fast and reliable emergency support, and specialised battery maintenance. Each service is conducted by our seasoned technicians, ensuring your UPS systems are always in prime condition.


Choose Your Maintenance Package

Our maintenance packages - Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze - are designed to cater to various business needs and budgets. Each package offers a different level of service, allowing you to select the one that best fits your requirements.


Service Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Response time Next Business Day Next Business Day 8hrs 4hrs
Discounted travel and labour costs N/A N/A N/A
24/7 Technical support
1 preventative maintenance visit per year -
Travel & labour costs for reactive maintenance -
Professional service report -
Emergency callout number -
Priority parts - -
Access to UK wide spares network - -


Key Services:


Health Check

Maintaining your critical power equipment is key to ensuring its optimal performance and reliability. Regular health check visits are an integral part of your power protection strategy. Our expert, highly experienced engineers will conduct these visits, maintaining your equipment to the highest standards.


Advantages of having a health check:


UPS visual inspection

Battery testing

External bypass check

Maintenance and servicing checks

Full health check report with qualified recommendations

Emergency Callout Service

Our emergency callout service ensures rapid despatch of a field service engineer in emergencies. Our top-tier engineers will diagnose and endeavour to resolve issues during the initial visit. After each visit, engineers compile a comprehensive report. Based on these findings, our in-house team will recommend additional measures to protect your equipment.

Battery Services

Batteries are a crucial component of your UPS system, integral for maintaining backup power in case of a mains failure. We place significant emphasis on battery maintenance, acknowledging its vital role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply.


Our battery services include:


Site surveys

Battery calculations

Battery replacements

Battery testing, e.g. impedance, conductance and voltage

Battery recycling


Bespoke Solutions for Diverse Needs

We recognise that each business has unique needs. Therefore, we offer customisable maintenance options, allowing you to tailor a package that aligns precisely with your specific requirements and operational demands.


Expert Advice and Support

Our team is always ready to provide expert advice and support. We help you navigate through the options and choose the best maintenance solution for your business.


Contact Us for UPS Maintenance Excellence

Contact Us for UPS Maintenance Excellence

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